Add Your Store

This page contains information on adding your website or shop to nhsDiscounts. If you are looking to contact us about something else, use the contact form here.

If you run an online shop or store and want to add your discounts for NHS staff and key-workers to nhsDiscounts, then this is the page for you! We work with brands of all sizes, and it’s completely FREE to add your store. No catches, but please read the eligiblity requirements below.

How do I add my store?

Please check the eligibility requirements first:

  • Firstly, your store must have a live website available to everyone, such as or
  • We do not normally add stores that are not aimed at a UK audience.
  • Your domain/website must be active; if it shows “coming soon” we regretfully cannot add it to nhsDiscounts.
  • If nhsDiscounts deem the content of your website to be inappropriate, for example if it contains extreme pornography, we may not accept it, at our sole discretion.


How to submit an offer to us:

Please send your website’s details by email to: [email protected] and mark the subject as “Add my store” or similar. 😊

We need all of the following to be able to add your store:

  • Store name, eg: “My Shop Name”
  • Store domain, eg: “”
  • Offer details, eg “Get 10% off for NHS staff”,
  • Offer code (discount code), eg: “SAVE10”
  • Expiry date of your offer in dd-mm-yyyy format, eg: “31-12-2030”
  • Category: 1-3 categories that you feel match your store’s content, eg: “Travel”


nhsDiscounts will review your store submission within 1-2 business days.

And remember: it’s completely FREE to add your store to nhsDiscounts. If you are asked to pay money, then it’s probably a scam.