4 tips to prevent burnout for healthcare workers

After a physically and emotionally burdensome year, many NHS staff have self-sacrificed and are struggling to take care of themselves. Read on to learn our top four tips to help you prevent burnout.

1. Find the right work-life balance for you

To create a sustainable lifestyle, establishing boundaries is a must. This will differ from person to person. Make sure you give yourself time to unwind from the day and relax. Pay close attention to remaining hydrated through the day and getting some movement even if that is simply taking the stairs.

2. Practice being assertive

Assertive people report greater job satisfaction with lower levels of anxiety and depression. Whilst focusing on caring for others, it is just as important for your wants and needs to be valued. Express yourself in a confident and positive way. Recognise your limits and stick to them as much as you’re comfortable and willing to do so. A handy skill is learning to say no – try using statements such as ‘I feel’ or ‘I need’ when trying to say no to an employer.

3. Have strategies to cope with pressure and stressful moments

Be it everyday stresses such as facing last-minute demands and being understaffed, to long term pressure such as attempting to juggle caring responsibilities at home alongside work. Working under pressure is a vital skill that our NHS workers have demonstrated countless times. To cope with this successfully, find a relaxation technique that works for you. We recommend focusing on your breathing by deeply inhaling and exhaling multiple times. It’s also important to recognise when the pressure starts to become a problem so that you’re able to implement coping strategies or to take a step out of the stressful situation.

4. Develop a support network

Research suggests support networks are a protective factor against stress. Invest in meaningful connections with your colleagues in the workplace as well as friends and family. Mental health support can also be gained from your workplace.

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